I’m always looking for ways to grow as a leader. One of the most effective methods is to learn from your peers, sharing both the successes and the mistakes along the way.

My situation

By joining business communities, I was looking for some…

I have found a model that is working for me. I feel that I’m much more productive and I have more cool ideas than before.

Being busy

We’ve created a simple guide full of ideas that work in any domain and can be implemented within days.

Start with some Quick Wins

  1. Onboard your offline customers with tape and paper
  2. Build your own social media army
  3. Onboard your offline clients to your webshop
  4. Video-chat and professional advice Live stream selling

How to drive customers from offline to online?

  1. Use client data…

Retailers are encountering the “mobile gap”. Even though mobile traffic and time spent on mobile are much higher than on the desktop, the conversion rate on the desktop is still higher.

This article is the outcome of the extensive research I’ve done on conversion rate optimization in mCommerce. I started out from asking our Vue Storefront team, which works on the mobile-first eCommerce platform. …

Tom Karwatka

CoFounder of @CTTornado eCommerce Startup Studio

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