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eCommerce Startup Studio

Hi there! Here’s Piotr and Tom Karwatka, pretty often called “Karwatka Brothers” as we’ve been doing business together for almost 20 years. And yes, we’re brothers :-)

Our story

We are two brothers that started building software while we were still teenagers. We sold our first company to one of the biggest media companies in Poland in 2007.

In 2008 we started our second company — Divante. We built it from just the 2 of us sitting in a small office, doing teleconferences in a kitchen, to the 250+ ppl strong company that Divante is now. In 2020 we finalized our succession process. We moved to the Advisory Board.

In the meantime, we built other successful companies like Vue Storefront, the fastest growing eCommerce Frontend Product.

Our idea: Startup Studio for eCommerce Software

eCommerce needs new tools. Composable Commerce is re-tooling the whole industry.

So we are building a Startup Studio focused on Enterprise eCommerce Software. We bring together the best ideas for Composable Commerce Software and Talent from CEE Region.

Business models we believe in: SaaS, PaaS, Open-Source/Community driven PaaS/SaaS.

We find synergies in technology, marketing, sales, talent acquisition.

The ultimate product is Your Company

We look for a tornado every-time we build a new company. At the beginning we relied mainly on intuition. But after having seen the rise (and fall) of so many companies, we saw a pattern emerge.

Our first company rode the Web 2.0 wave. Our second company used the Magento wave to build one of the biggest eCommerce agencies in Europe. In the meantime, we started and invested in 20+ different technology-driven companies. We’ve learned a lot.

We helped Callstack build the offering around the React Native before it reached stability. At Divante we entered the headless ecommerce super-highway. For Vue Storefront we built a true Open-Source community with thousands of developers engaged.

See our eCommerce Startup Studio website to learn more.

CoFounder of @CTTornado eCommerce Startup Studio